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Designing a More Beautiful You. Skin Treatments We offer a carefully curated menu of services to enhance your appearance. Every treatment has been shown to produce results. Refining Your Ideal Shape. Fat Reduction Change is possible using advanced technologies. Our customized programs improve stubborn areas. Building a Better Body. Fat Reduction Overcome exercise resistant areas and accomplish workout goals faster, with proven technology.

Our Services

Med Aesthetics OC offers meticulously selected treatments to augment the health and beauty of your face and body.

Fat Reduction

When diet and exercise fall short, our fat reduction treatments close the gap.

Skin Tightening

Feel confident in your skin with leading edge, non-invasive treatments.

Skin & Hair Treatments

Our advanced face and hair treatments deliver smooth skin and healthy, lustrous hair with little to no downtime.


Safe, effective solutions to redefine your face and figure and reshape your life.

Improve Your Life