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Opus Plasma Fractional Laser

Everything about Opus Plasma® by Alma Lasers

Opus Plasma® is a non-ablative skin resurfacing and skin tightening fractional laser by Alma Lasers. It is one of few lasers made for all skin types, conditions, and ages. During the treatment, Radio Frequency and Plasma team up to fight the process of aging skin, activating the fibroblast to create collagen, repair damaged tissue caused by the sun and diminish scarring or stretch marks.

The technology in Opus Plasma® is the first of its kind on the market. During the process we never make incisions or use needles on your precious skin. We simply just don’t need to anymore with today’s knowledge. Radio frequency allows arks of plasma to enter the skin like tiny lighting bolts, eliminating the possibility of scarring from needles. This device provides ablative results with less downtime and a higher safety profile.

How Does the Opus Laser Work?

 Opus plasma is a Radio Frequency Laser that pushes arcs of plasma into the skin without needling. This process activates collagen production, tightens the skin, and gives a full facial rejuvenation.

How safe is Opus Plasma?

 Whether you are looking for a mild, moderate, or extreme skin tightening and resurfacing treatment, we can make it happen with Opus Plasma.

 This Alma laser ‘s adjustable energy prevents excess heat on the skin, giving less downtime, a safety profile, and more cultural inclusivity of non-ablative skin rejuvenating lasers. 

What Should I Expect From the Opus?

 Depending on the intensity level of the treatment, you should expect some redness for about 24 hours and will see 2-3 days of downtime. Patients who are looking for an extreme resurfacing can have anywhere from around 5 to 7 days of downtime.

 You will notice an increase in your collagen production for up to 6 months post treatment and an immediate facial rejuvenation though skin tightening and resurfacing.

How the Opus Plasma® Laser Works!

This 4 minute informational video was made by Alma Lasers to inform patients of the technology we are partnered with.

Opus Plasma® by Alma Lasers

This 4 minute informational video was made by Alma Lasers to inform patients of the technology we are partnered with.

Not sure if you’re a good fit for Opus Plasma? Book a FREE Consultation before making any decisions.

Which Skin Type Can Use Opus Plasma?

 All skin types are safe to treat with Opus Plasma! Most lasers use light energy which can create excess heat and lead to hyperpigmentation for darker skin. Instead, Opus plasma utilizes micro-plasma energy to treat the skin with complete customizability.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

 Alma Lasers recommends 3 treatments of the Opus Plasma, however, everyones genetics are so different & we could never morally answer this question without seeing our patients skin first. This is why we offer a free consultation to anyone interested in our services.

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FAQs About Opus Plasma

What does Opus Plasma treat?

Opus tightens and resurfaces the skin while also working to treat , scaring, stretch marks, uneven skin-tone, wrinkles, pore size, and dull skin.

Which Skin Type Can Benefit?

All of them! Opus plasma is a low-heat, fractional laser allowing for all skin types to be treated without hyperpigmentation or damage to your melanin. Because of this, we are able to treat small areas without an uneven skin tone.

How Is Opus Plasma and C02 Different?

The key difference between Opus Plasma and CO2 fractional lasers is the customizability with the Opus. Both treatments give amazing results for fine lines and skin tightening, however, Opus plasma has 4 times less of the faster recovery time and a smaller chance of unwanted results like hyperpigmentation.

What areas can be treated?

Virtually any area on the skin is a candidate for the opus. Some of our most popular areas are:

  • Face & Neck
  • Chest area
  • Elbows & Knees
  • Stomach & thighs
  • Hands
What should I Know Before Being Treated?
  • Prior to the treatment, you will want your skin and body to be well hydrated.
  • Discontinue use of any Vitamin A’s, Vitamin C, hydroquinone, and exfoliants.
  • Refrain from dermal planing.
  • If needed, shave 24 hours before treatment.
What is the Pre and Post Treatment care?

Mild treatments – 3 days of downtime. Expect less than 12-24 hours of redness. After this there will be 2 days of healing time along with 3-5 more days of dryness. up to 6 months of collagen production.

Moderate treatments – 5 days of downtime. Expect 24-36 hours of redness. After this there will be 3 days of healing time along with 5-7 days of light dryness. Up to 6 months of collagen production.

Extreme treatment – 7 days of downtime. Expect 24-72 hours of redness. After this there will be 5 days of healing tiime along with 7 – 8 days of dryness. 6 months up to 1 year of collagen production.