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Our Services

Face & Body Contouring

Safe, effective solutions to redefine your face and figure and reshape your life.

Skin Tightening

Feel confident in your skin with leading edge, non-invasive treatments.

Skin & Hair Treatments

Our advanced face and hair treatments deliver smooth skin and healthy, lustrous hair with little to no downtime.

Build & Sculpt

High intensity electro-magnetic therapy helps our clients define their muscles and improve their shape. Break through plateaus in exercise resistant areas for a toned physique.

Nutrition Strategies

For a holistic approach to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, we provide nutritional coaching and supplement support to boost your efforts.


In our commitment to offer cutting edge treatments and services we provide value added introductory offers.

Love Your Skin. Love Your Body.

Face & Body Contouring

We design a multifaceted approach to a sleeker silhouette using premier technologies such as Vanquish, Alma vShape with JuVa Shape and EMSlim.

Fat reduction targeting large areas

Laser lipolysis focusing on difficult treatment zones

Skin tightening with radio frequency

Ultrasound targeting fat at the cellular level

Muscle Building using HI-EMT

Non-invasive treatments cater to anyone who wants to look their best.

Face & Body Tightening

Offering multiple modalities to give our clients firmer, more youthful looking skin, we deliver beautiful results with no downtime.

Fibroblast and collagen stimulation

Skin tightening and elasticity rejuvenation

Fine line and wrinkle reduction

Treatment areas can include the entire face and body

Firm skin is now possible without costly surgeries or downtime

Tightens loose skin and facilitates detoxification

Skin & Hair Treatments

Our innovative approach addresses multiple concerns with tailored programs with advanced proven technologies that transform skin and hair to a healthy, vitality.

Microchanneling facilitates deep dermal delivery of concentrated serums

Chemical peels renew skin texture and tone

Plasma pen rivals all other skin and hair treatments on the market

Harnesses the power of radio frequency to treat loose skin

Unipolar and bipolar modalities combine to trigger tissue repair

Cutting-edge biotechnologies restore skin and hair, by unlocking your healing response.

Sculpt & Define

EMSlim HI-EMT technology simultaneously burns fat and builds muscle.

Treats exercise resistant areas

A highly specific frequency induces muscles to hold and contract

Non-invasive medical technology strengthens and enhances muscle growth

Reeducates muscles via interaction of magnetic field

Stimulates the energy and metabolism (ATP) of cells

Delivers the equivalent of 20-30,000 painless crunches or squats per session

Nutrition Strategies

We provide professional skin and nutrition programs to enhance advanced treatments and at-home efforts for a holistic approach.

Drug-free and physician formulated nutraceuticals

Medical grade skincare lines with the gold standard in anti-aging

Nutrafol with patented Synergen Complex® addresses the root cause of hair loss

Proven homeopathic supplements eliminate toxins and provide weight support

DNA reports help you maximize your exercise and diet efforts and results

Nutritional coaching to assist you with your overall fitness program

Promotional Offers

Your wait for cellulite reduction and smooth, firm skin is over! In our ongoing commitment to provide results and value, we offer fantastic specials that make achieving the look you desire attainable.

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What People Are Saying

"Very professional ladies, informative & couldn’t be any nicer. I purchased the 6 sessions which I highly recommend. I’m seeing a difference after my 4th visit. It works"


"LeAnne and Gina both give amazing treatments! So far they have been helping me look younger with face tightening treatments and I am starting fat reduction and body contouring treatments this week! Everything they do is noninvasive so I don't have to worry about downtime. I can't wait to share my results - just in time for my wedding."


"Love them! They always treat me like an old friend. I bought 6 Vanquish treatments for an exceptionally great deal and have noticed improved fat loss in my midsection that has bothered me for years. I'll probably get another round of treatments to continue the progress. Great service, very clean environment, and always fun chit chatting together. They care, they do a great job, and I would definitely recommend them."


Enhance Results


Drinking ample water before and after treatments is vital to yielding optimal results and glowing skin.

Go Natural

A healthy diet free of processed foods, with antioxidant-rich vegetables and proteins promotes a youthful, vibrant appearance.


Daily exercise stimulates blood flow, strengthens your body and helps eliminate toxins for maximum health and vitality.

Self Care

Practicing self-care is a must to help you be your best self. Never apologize for putting yourself first!

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