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Our Team



Gina is a mother to three beautiful children and a health and beauty enthusiast dedicated to hiking, exercise, and eating well. In her personal search for effective body contouring procedures and beauty treatments to complement her efforts, she became an expert on the different technologies available. As a mother, she understands the unique challenges of losing baby weight and maintaining an attractive physique. Gina gives each client her personalized, caring touch in her dedication to make people look and feel their best.



LeAnne has worked professionally as a licensed esthetician, massage therapist and trainer for 5-star spas and resort spas since 1995. Next, she served as Director of Education for B&H Education, a role she enjoyed immensely. Recalling her early years as an esthetician and body worker, listening to the beauty concerns of her myriad clients and her satisfaction in helping them look their best, she found she wanted to return to the treatment room, but in a new, more advanced capacity. Recognizing the limited results of many treatment options, she embarked on a quest to find more advanced solutions with clinical results.

Dr. Wensley

Dr. Wensley, our board-certified physician, brings 23+ years of medical experience during which he served as chairman of the Department of Medicine at Hollywood Community Hospital, director of a high complexity molecular biology and immunochemistry laboratory and as the principal investigator on numerous clinical trials.

His practice concentrated on caring for patients with serious chronic medical conditions, helping repair and maintain the function of damaged organs and regenerating immune systems so that they may enjoy youthful vigor for as long as possible.

Dr. Wensley’s current passion is to channel his knowledge and interest in intracellular communication systems and apply this same scientific rigor to aesthetic medicine. He understands that the skin is a powerful organ and that preserving skin health and function with gentle and consistent care is the best method for maintaining a youthful appearance and physiology.

His preferred approach is to improve the cells and tissues of your own body with small, no downtime interventions using stem cells and human cell growth factors to naturally rejuvenate the skin by turning on your own genetically encoded healing programs.