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Safe, reliable, and effective noninvasive fat reduction solutions

the second generation of contactless technology for reducing your problem areas

Fat Reduction Techniques using
BTL Vanguish Me

At Med Aesthetics OC, we utilize BTL Vanquish Me™ technology for safe, reliable, and effective noninvasive fat reduction.

This advanced tech enables us to perform a wide variety of techniques and procedures to reduce your BMI and increase your overall happiness. We apply this to your abdomen, thighs, and other problematic areas to reduce the buildup of fat under your skin, giving you a better look without the need for surgery or recovery time.

Call us today to schedule your consultation, and we’ll work together to get you a body you’re proud of!






Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Using the latest premier noninvasive technology including Laser Lipolysis, Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation, Radio Frequency which targets the treatment to the cellular level. The type of technology delivers results, in fact, reduction and skin tightening.

Treatment times vary from 30-45 minutes per treatment area depending on the size of the area being treated. Clients will experience heat during the treatment and will be able to relax in a pain-free environment. This technology is a safe and effective way to reduce fat from abs, arms, backs, thighs, and muffin top.

What Kind of Results Will I See?

As everybody is different, the way your body will react to treatment will vary. You can, however, expect to see a reduction in fat around the areas we treated. Your abdomen and thighs will reduce significantly in size. You will start to see your results typically as early as two weeks after your first treatment. The idea of our fat reduction science is that it trains your body to naturally get rid of the treated fat cells. You will continue to see better and better results in the coming months.

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How Does BTL Vanquish Me™ Work?

BTL Vanquish Me™ treatments typically last four sessions, but they vary from client to client. We schedule them one week apart to maximize efficiency and work around your schedule. Each visit takes about 45 minutes on average, and then you’re out the door and back on with your life. We design our sessions to be as efficient as possible because we know how busy everyone’s lives are. Speaking of treatments, they’re contactless, meaning all you will feel is warmth on the area during and after the service. As opposed to other more invasive treatments, this one is painless, allowing you to relax through your treatment.