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Skin Treatments

Skin Tightening, Skin Resurfacing, and Collagen Production All in One Laser

Opus Plasma™ sets the new standard for beauty treatments with the latest and most advanced technology to be introduced to the aesthetic industry in years.

Alma’s Opus Plasma™ features an innovative proprietary platform that represents the newest chapter in energy-based devices, surpassing conventional fractional resurfacing lasers from the past.

This first-of-its-kind skin rejuvenation harnesses radiofrequency (RF) with plasma energy to provide skin tightening and resurfacing together in one treatment.

Opus diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, firms loose & saggy skin, and smooths uneven texture with less downtime and better results than traditional resurfacing lasers.

Why Opus Plasma?

Personalized dramatic results with less downtime:

We tailor treatments according to each patient’s skin type, needs and preferences, adjusting the intensity parameters to achieve desired results.

We can treat the full face or target specific areas in under 15 minutes. Without restrictions, risk of hypopigmentation or lines of demarcation, this treatment is quick, efficient and versatile.

Opus Plasma delivers consistent visible results in 1-3 sessions making it truly unparalleled! 

Opus can transform skin like never before

Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin

Smoothes sun damage and uneven skin texture

Overall skin rejuvenation with maximum results and in less downtime

Reduces the appearance of acne scars, surgical scars, & stretch marks

Dull, lackluster skin will experience a fresh, renewed appearance

Been considering surgical face and neck tightening, an eye lift or other procedure to resurface or tighten loose skin?

Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if our RF and plasma skin tightening treatment is right for you!



What areas can be treated?

The Opus can be used virtually anywhere a patient wants to reverse visible signs of aging, including areas other treatments are not be able to reach such as the eyelids, under the eyes and down the middle of the neck.

Our most popular treatment areas: Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, Abdomen and Body areas.

Always have a consultation with a professional to discuss your areas of concern.

Can All Skin Types Use Opus?

Yes! Opus Plasma uses a low temperatures and non ablative technique to fit each individuals skin type and treatment needs. Other lasers can cause hyperpigmentation and leave melanin rich skin with more issues than they started with.

The inclusivity of our Opus Plasma Fractional Laser is one of the many reasons why we love it so much!

How does it work?

Opus Plasma creates micro-injuries in the deepest layers, without puncturing the skin by using the power of Radio Frequency and Plasma. 

This healing response kicks your bodies fibroblast into gear, creating collagen for 6 to 12 months post treatment, firming the skin, and resorting your youthful glow!

What are the benefits of Opus Plasma?

This skin resurfacing and skin tightening treatment is minimally invasive, increasing the body’s own ability to produce collagen.  When using Opus Plasma, restoring your smooth, clear complexion and youthful glow is possible with minimal discomfort and very little extensive downtime compared to traditional CO2 lasers.

Who is a good candidate for the Opus Plasma?

This treatment can be used on a variety of age groups, skin types and areas of concern. We can adjust the lasers output to give our patients a light, moderate, or detailed procedure to achieve your end result. Whether it is for scar revision, face tightening, or resurfacing, Opus has the answer.

What is skin resurfacing?

Skin resurfacing can provide the most dramatic non-surgical repair and renewal to the skin, addressing a wide range of skin conditions and concerns.  Fractional-based skin resurfacing is the modern method that involves creating small, microscopic injuries to the skin that stimulates the natural healing response and skin renewal.

Does it hurt?

Depending on your goals and treatment plan, the discomfort will vary.  We always use a topical anesthetic on our patients and even provide stress balls to reduce your any discomfort that could occur during the procedure.

What can I expect?

You can expect about 1-2 days of redness depending on the intensity of your treatment plan. Some dryness may occur; to lessen the possibly of this, we provide our patients with post care products.  Unlike other lasers, there will be absolutely no scabbing.  Some clients may require a package of treatments for the best results. We recommended 2-3 sessions and proper home care but a free consultation is needed to be sure.