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Who We Are

About Us

  Med Aesthetics OC was founded for the sole purpose of providing an inviting, judge-free clinic that both men and women can feel comfortable enough at to start their journey.


  To achieve this, we deliver non-invasive body contouring, cellulite reduction, & skin tightening treatments tailored to meet each individual’s area of concerns and goals.

Our Technologies

We researched a wide range of technologies and hand selected:

Opus Plasma - Skin tightening & resurfacing, scar reduction, builds collagen.
Alma VShape - Skin tightening, fat reduction, body contouring. 
Vanquish ME - Bulk fat reduction, Slight Skin tightening.
EMS - Muscle building, fat reduction, increased muscle definition.
ProCell Micro-channeling - Skin resurfacing, hyperpigmentation .
Plamere Plasma Pen - Skin tightening

These treatments were chosen because they aligned with our priorities and commitment to provide our customers with optimized results.

Our Commitment

Our proven procedures deliver real clinical results, without gimmicks.
The non-invasive treatments we offer enhance beauty holistically without interrupting people’s busy lives or causing unnecessary pain, side effects and downtime. We provide cost-effective solutions and programs as we believe everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin.

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